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Wooden Dromedary Camel - Collectible Wild Animals

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With our Wooden Dromedary Camel - Collectible Wild Animals your child will discover the diverse world of wild animals.
The dromedary camel, also known as the Arabian camel, is a remarkable desert-adapted mammal that is native to the arid regions of the Middle East and North Africa. With its iconic single hump and long, slender legs, it is perfectly adapted to survive in extreme desert conditions. Dromedary camels possess unique physiological features such as specialized kidneys that allow them to conserve water and withstand long periods without drinking. These resilient creatures are known for their ability to carry heavy loads, navigate challenging terrains, and provide essential resources to human communities in the harsh desert environments.
With its captivating design inspired by real animals, this toy offers an interactive and educational experience. Sparking children's creativity, it aligns with the principles of Montessori and Waldorf education. Crafted using only eco-friendly materials, our wooden dromedary camel promotes sustainability while providing endless hours of imaginative play. Invest in your child's learning and creativity today. Explore our collection and bring home this enchanting collectible. Shop now and let the adventure begin!

Material: ash wood, water-based paint, olive oil & beeswax

Dimensions: Height: 8.8 cm ; Width: 11.5 cm ; Depth 3.2 cm (3.46 x 4.53 x 1.26 inches)

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