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Wooden Hippopotamus - Collectible Safari Animals

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Introducing the Wooden Hippopotamus - Collectible Safari Animals, a captivating and eco-friendly wooden toy figurine. Designed to foster children's creativity, this eco-friendly toy is crafted with utmost care using sustainable materials.
The Hippopotamus, scientifically known as Hippopotamus amphibius, is a large semi-aquatic mammal native to sub-Saharan Africa. It is characterized by its massive size, barrel-shaped body, and short legs. With a weight reaching up to 3,500 kilograms, it is considered one of the heaviest land mammals. Hippos have a hairless, grayish-brown skin that secretes a pinkish, oily substance, which acts as a natural sunscreen. They spend most of their time in water to keep their bodies cool and protect their sensitive skin from the sun. Hippos are herbivores, feeding on grasses, shoots, and fruits near water bodies. Despite their seemingly docile appearance, they are highly aggressive and can be dangerous, making them one of the most feared animals in Africa.
Its unique design draws inspiration from real animals, igniting imagination and providing a gateway for young ones to learn about savanna inhabitants. Embrace the Montessori and Waldorf educational principles with this delightful playtime companion. Spark your child's curiosity today and bring home the Wooden Hippopotamus!

Material: ash wood, water-based paint

Dimensions: Height: 7.0 cm ; Width: 13.0 cm ; Depth 4.2 cm (2.76 x 5.12 x 1.65 inches)

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