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Wooden Lion - Collectible Safari Animals

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Introducing our Wooden Lion - Collectible Safari Animals, is a must-have figurine for your wooden toys collection. Watch your child's creativity blossom as they explore this eco-friendly masterpiece.
The lion, known as the king of the jungle, is a majestic and powerful creature. With its muscular build, regal mane, and piercing eyes, the lion exudes strength and authority. Its golden coat shimmers in the sunlight, blending seamlessly with its savannah habitat. As a social animal, the lion forms tight-knit prides, led by a dominant male. Known for its impressive roar, the lion's mighty voice reverberates across the plains, marking its territory and asserting its dominance in the animal kingdom.
Our lions are crafted using only sustainable materials, ensuring a positive impact on the environment. With its original design inspired by real animals, this toy brings the savanna to life, providing an engaging learning experience. Perfect for Montessori and Waldorf education enthusiasts. Let your little one embark on a wild adventure today! Order now and ignite their imagination.

Material: ash wood, water-based paint

Dimensions: Height: 6.3 cm ; Width: 10.0 cm ; Depth 2.8 cm (2.48 x 3.94 x 1.10 inches)

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