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Carved Mushrooms - Wooden Toy Set


The The Carved Mushrooms - Wooden Toy Set – the perfect toadstool toy for children to develop their creativity while playing. This eco-friendly toy set includes 6 different mushrooms: Coprinus Comatus, Morchella Esculenta, Gymnopilus Junonius, Pleurotus Djamor, Boletus Edulis, and Pleurotus Eryngii. Each mushroom is inspired by real-life mushrooms, making them a great way for kids to learn about nature in a fun and interactive way.

Crafted by the talented artists at Noelino Toys, this set is made with certified FSC wood from Romanian forests and finished with olive oil and beeswax, revealing the natural wood fibers texture. The carved mushrooms hand-painted wooden toys set are then hand-painted with water-based, non-toxic colors, making them safe for children to play with. The smooth surface is perfect for little hands to hold and play with.

Not only are these wooden toadstoolss great for encouraging children's creativity, but they can also be passed down as a family heritage. The open-ended play allows for smart kids to use their imagination to create their own games and stories. Plus, they can even be used as home decor, adding a touch of nature to any room.

Investing in the Carved Mushrooms - Wooden Toy Set means investing in your child's development and future. Help your child learn about nature and develop their creativity while playing. Order your set today and let the fun begin!

Buy this SET and save 10% than if you bought them piece by piece!

Material: ash wood, water-based paint, olive oil & beeswax