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Wooden Camper Van - Motorhome with Furniture


Introducing our captivating "Wooden Camper Van - Motorhome with Furniture" – a high-quality, original, and beautiful wooden toy designed to spark your child's imagination. Crafted with precision and care, this minibus-style Vehicle is perfect for little hands, offering endless opportunities for creative play.

This Wooden Camper Van is carefully crafted to fit perfectly into little hands, providing hours of fun and exploration. With functional doors and a rotating roof, children can easily access the interior to set up their adventures. Equipped with furniture, including tables and chairs, this toy offers a realistic play experience, inspiring storytelling and imaginative scenarios.

The original design by Noelino Toys draws inspiration from real vehicles, ensuring authenticity and engagement. Made with quality materials, this Wooden Camper Van is built to last and withstand the rigors of playtime.

Encourage your child's development and creativity with this versatile Push & Pull Toy. Whether they're embarking on a road trip or setting up camp in the living room, this Wooden Camper Van provides endless opportunities for exploration and fun.

Transform playtime into a world of adventure with our Wooden Camper Van - Motorhome with Furniture. Invest in your child's growth and enjoyment today by adding this delightful toy to your collection.

Material: ash wood 


Height: 18 cm ; Width: 38 cm ; Depth 17 cm (7.09 x 15 x 6.70 inches)