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Wooden Dollhouse Fairy Tale Cottage

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Introducing our enchanting Wooden Dollhouse Fairy Tale Cottage, meticulously crafted with an original design inspired by captivating stories and fairy tales. Stimulating children's creativity, this dollhouse encourages imaginative play, allowing little ones to weave their own magical narratives inspired by the cherished tales of the Brothers Grimm.
Crafted with utmost care and consideration, this dollhouse is more than just a toy - it's a cherished family heirloom. Constructed using eco-friendly materials, it reflects our commitment to a sustainable future. Each piece is meticulously sanded, ensuring a smooth surface with no hard edges, guaranteeing the safety of your child.
The Wooden Dollhouse Fairy Tale Cottage can be ordered in three different colors: red, green, or blue.
Our durable wooden toys are lovingly made with heart, mind, and skilled hands, resulting in a product that not only captures the essence of childhood wonder but also stands the test of time. Inspire your child's imagination and create unforgettable memories with our Wooden Dollhouse Fairy Tale Cottage - a truly magical addition to any playtime. Order now and let the enchantment begin!

Material: ash wood, water-based paint, olive oil & beeswax

Dimensions: Height: 21.6 cm ; Width: 24 cm ; Depth 16 cm (8.50 x 9.45 x 6.30 inches)

Please note, only ONE HOUSE is included!

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