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Wooden Tree Dollhouse - Mothertree

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 Welcome to Wooden Tree Dollhouse - Mothertree - the perfect place for your child to explore creative play. This eco-friendly piece is handcrafted with sustainable materials like cherry, linden, and ash wood finished with olive oil and beeswax for a polished, safe surface. Its Montessori and Waldorf inspired design encourages imaginative and productive play with four floors, a big house, a well and a slide. Each piece is created with love and care by Noelino artists to become a treasured heirloom for future generations. We provide an easy-to-assemble kit with picture instructions to let your child help build their dream house. Let your little one's imagination soar with Wooden Tree Dollhouse - Mothertree. Order today and give your child a timeless gift! 

Material: ash wood, water-based paint, olive oil & beeswax

Dimensions: Height: 65 cm ; Width: 63 cm ; Depth 58 cm (25.59 x 24.8 x 22.83 inches)