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Wooden Wild Boar Toy - Cartoon Character for Toddlers

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Looking for a unique, eco-friendly toy for your toddler? Look no further than our Wooden Wild Boar Toy - Cartoon Character for Toddlers!

Inspired by real woodland animals, our original cartoon design captures the playful and curious nature of these wild creatures. The wooden toy is very expressive, with just a few touches of color to bring the animal to life.

But it's not just about looks – our Wooden Wild Boar Toy is made with eco-friendly materials that are safe for your child and the environment. Handmade and painted by Noelino artists, each toy is crafted with care and attention to detail, making it a durable and long-lasting addition to your child's toy collection.

Our Wooden Wild Boar Toy is also designed to foster your child's creativity and imagination. It's perfect for playing make-believe, and can even be taken on the go in a pocket for some outdoor adventures.

And if you're looking for a more stationary option, our toy looks great on a shelf or on your child's desk. Inspired by Montessori and Waldorf animals, our toy is sanded for a smooth surface with no hard edges, making it safe for your child to play with.

At Noelino, we believe in creating toys with soul, mind, and hands – and our Wooden Wild Boar Toy - Cartoon Character for Toddlers is no exception. It's finished with olive oil and beeswax, and painted with water-based, non-toxic colors, so you can feel good about your child playing with it.

So why wait? Bring some natural charm and imagination to your child's playtime with our Wooden Wild Boar Toy!

Material: ash wood, water-based paint, olive oil & beeswax

Dimensions: Height: 5.6 cm ; Width: 7.4 cm ; Depth 3.2 cm (2.20 x 7.91 x 1.26 inches)

Wooden toys made with soul, mind and hands by Noelino Toys.

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